Decorative Transom Windows Ideas

Feb 29th

Transom windows add decorative touch and provide extra circulation and light. Decorative types can make better visual appeal for your home. It does not matter whether you are building a new home or a remodeling it, the types of windows can make interesting additions. You can be sure in controlling temperatures within your home.

Ideal Transom Windows

Ideal transom windows such as Andersen designs can be chosen for really decorative value. There are best types like Pella and Arched, and you can choose to have one with antique styles for real decorative features above the doors. Both interior and exterior transom window designs are optional according to your personal taste but mind about harmony to overall home theme.

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When it comes to choosing the transom windows for your home, there are certain considerations. Types, effects and features are mist have to put on your mind. You can choose to have stained glass to make your home windows look antique at high value of decorative features.

Beautified home with cost efficiency by applying the best design is for sure what every home owner will want. You can also make it one by yourself and it is indeed a very good thing if you are creative enough.

In how to make a transom window, you should first of all adjust the table saw guide to width in 3/4-inch. Then tear a board in 1-by-4-foot into square pieces of 3/4-inch. Push it entirely by using a push stick through the opening where you are about to install the transom window. You can apply a thick primer coat smoothly over the square pieces. Just let the primer to completely dry.

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Chop cut ends off into square pieces by using the miter saw. Then measure and mark the opening in order to get the glass piece remains in the middle exactly.

Then insert your square pieces of trimmed set into the opening of transom window and then nail all of the pieces right into place.

Set the cut of glass piece against the square ones. Nail a second square pieces’ batch all the way on the other glass side to get it and snugly and securely into place.